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Breaking Design Boundaries. Creating New Design Territories.

     Vault82Studio is a Bangkok based group of visual creators, graphic designers, interior designers, and thinkers operating within the fields of visual communication, display decorators, interior architect. Verging on Visual Surrealism, and stylized Conceptualization, Vault82Studio believe in being the pioneer of visual creators. By being the elites in visual designs we guarantee to achieve every customer’s design requests and difficulties.
     Here at Vault82, we do not confront an idea with one resolution, we reconsider, reassemble, and revolve on what and why each components help to make better results, henceforth deeper design meanings.
     As a small production house, it is true that in terms of scale we may not compete with the more respected firms, but by that, we are able to offer something more crude and ingenious. We make sure that every detail and elements are delicately put into place before every execution, making sure each factor will achieve its purpose. -


     We work with different sorts of creative softwares, from Adobe Creative Suites, Ableton Live, Cinema4D, to Davinci Resolve, making sure we have the right software needed for your next project. Feel free to head over to our portfolio to know more.


    We are perfectly comfortable working with either Mac or Pc for our clients. We also provide professional grade equipment from all sorts of creative fields. Name it, for visual, sound, 3d modelling, color grading, and more, we surely have the perfect equipment for it.


Confront ideas with more than one side, Brainstorm through every possible creative angles.


With our client as our number one priority, we make sure after any discussion we will be able to come up with an effective result.


Trust us, this is what we do best, No Worries.


After the initial designs, we are more than happy to hear your inputs and criticism. Please do no hesitate to speak up.
Vault Services

Visual solution with a distinct design approach.


When a product or service is served to customers, it is crucial to present it in a memorable package. Trust us we for sure know how to impress!

Graphic Design

Being one of our core offering strength, our graphic design solutions ensure every client’s branding needs and requirements.

Sound Design

Being visual pioneers, Vault also love to experiment with sound design and engineering. We believe that both sound and visual must contribute each other, to create the best impressions and results.

Film Production

Having various experiences in film and motion production from Advertisements, Music Videos, Documentaries, behind the scenes, and much more. We are more than ready for your next big motion picture.

Web Design

Making sure our client’s audience will be well exposed to the products we also offer web design solutions with a designer’s touch.

Interior Design

Another sector of our in-house expertise is Interior Design. From our client’s very first vision to the finishing results we will always be there to make it happen.
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Creating & Processing everything that Matters.

One Stop Service Scenario.

The Complete & All-in-One Design Service for any start up brands.

Being a concentrated group of designers, we all work together in unison, step by step along the process. We strongly believe that quality in design comes from an individual source of creators rather than out sourcing different companies to produce one result.


Here at Vault we start off by taking the customer’s requests into deep consideration. With a strong Brand identity and direction the following steps can fall into place much more easily.

Web Design

With an in house programmer, any online requests from our client will be easily changeable and accessible without a hassle.

Logo and Package Design

After the direction & concept is set in the branding phase, development of the logo & package design will be crafted with care, creating lasting impressions.

Interior Design

To extend the impacts of Branding and Product design, it is recommended for the client to take a step further, with display and interior design making sure the client’s audience gets the point.

Film & Post Production

Not only still photography, here at Vault we specialized in motion picture and post production services. Be prepared for what you dream of, we love breaking visual boundaries.


Vault also offer our client professional photography service from products such as garments, products, accessories, food, beverages, etc. Making sure your product will be in the spot light.

Brand Direction Consultant

We do not just create & design brand identity for starting up business, we also provide consultant for established brands, hence better brand image & awareness.


Vault’s service does not stop only after each project, we also support all our clients in any stage along the way. Feel free to contact us with any of your doubts.


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56/1 Punnawithi 29, Sukhumvit 101, Bangjak, Phrakanong, Bangkok 10260
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