App Design
Designed to be mobile.
Cycty – Conquer Your City.

Branding/ UI design / Video Exposure


From the ground up we tried to consider what would truly be the bridge between gaming, cycling, and the society.

UI Design

Also from scratch, we developed an actual iOS application that could be used and trailed for bike enthusiasts both domestically and internationally.

UX Design

By carrying out an in-depth research in UI (User Interface) design, we also made sure that the application was best suited for cyclists on the road, making sure it was road LEGAL!

Video Exposure

After our application’s Alpha phase we’ve taken it on the road and gave it a spin!
An Introduction to cycty
Ready to spin it off.
Conquer your City.

A location based mobile game where cyclists or non-cyclists, bicycle communities, and the society could benefit by joining. Moreover this application tries to encourage cyclists with luring promotions from bike shops and cafes.

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