Visual Identity
From Concept to creation.
HeartOut – The Messenger (Music Video).

Art direction / Pre-Post Production / Artwork / Branding

Art direction

Implementing Vault’s Vision and concept with our clients requirements we came up with an exciting and exhilarating concept of Messenger of Gods

Pre-Post Production

We were very glad that the artists themselves did not restrict our project, giving the freedom for us to handle the whole project from the pre-production until post-production


For another interesting touch, we also provide all the artworks for their album covers, posters, online medias publications, and more.


Following the art direction we had a lot of fun experimenting with different ideas and visuals, together coming up with the final Brand identity for the Band.
Music with our Visual
The Messenger - Heartout // Music Video
Details in every Visual.

A new attempt in visual design

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