MV Production
creative visual complementing music
Betrayed – Retrospect (Music Video).

Art direction / Pre-Post Production

Art direction

Eagered and intriged to finally do what we always look forward to, we created two characters and a bunch of methaphors for our Music Video.

Pre-Post Production

We were very glad that the artists themselves did not restrict our project, giving the freedom for us to handle the whole project from the pre-production until post-production

Genie Records : Retrospect - Music Video Directorial & Production
Production Process.

Right from the Beginning.

An anonymous phone call that ended with an invitation to Bangkok's highly praised music record, Genie Records. Feeling thrilled and excited, we were missioned to create a music video that change the Band's direction and interpretation. We decided to go all out with this project after months of intense brainpower and actual will, we putted down our pen and move ourselve onto the couch.
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